Expired House Listing: Reasons That Could Lead to Listings Expiring

Dealing with expired listings is one of the biggest nightmares that an agent can be forced to withstand. However, this is not the end of business, and it hints one about things that were not catered for during the process of disposing the condo. Well, for someone looking to list houses, waiting till expiry is the last thing that comes in mind. This is the reason someone will be interested in learning some of the things that may make a listing not to sell. Here are things that most people fail to do well and certainly what delays their listings from selling.

Insufficient marketing

One of the biggest killers in the market is the assumption that since one has been branded severally as the best dealer, their houses will sell faster than other people. Failure to do proper marketing means people will not be able to remember that a certain agent exists in the market. As a result, their houses will take longer to sell and hence the reason many are facing expiration in their listings.


Before purchasing a product, people will always consider different prices in the market. This is the same scenario in selling houses. Higher prices may repulse buyers because most of them come with fixed budgets for the purchase. For this reason, the agent may fail to sell the house within the right duration. However, in such a scenario, we buy houses to save the agent the frustration that comes with expired listings.

Trying to sell “AS IS”

A big mistake that sellers make is clinging to the assumption that someone will buy the home despite its present condition. This is the wrong perception of the market because no one would like to get into a house that has missing glasses or one that has a faulty lighting system. Before listing the home, it is advisable to do all renovations necessary to make it worth placing in the market.

Failure to invite buyers for viewing

When buying something like a car, buyers do not let the seller to test-drive it on their behalf. This is because they would like to learn about its stability and suitability to perform according to their preferences. This is the same case with house listings. People want to view the property before making a decision to buy.

So, when listing a home for sale, it is vital to hold the above considerations so as to get the best results. It would be embarrassing to have several expired listings despite hopes that the business would prove successful. However, in case it fails to sell, we buy houses to help the seller to secure their targeted profit.

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