Build Your House List, Grow Your Law Practice

The number one question I am asked most frequently as a law business mentor is, “How do I get more clients?” My answer: focus on building your list.

Your house list is the single most valuable asset of your business. You use it to build relationships with the people who will hire you when they need a lawyer or refer you to friends and family when they are in need of your services. And, trust me, it’s a GREAT way to set you apart from other lawyers in your community, if you use your list right. (We’ll cover how to create relationship with your list in a future article.)

If you don’t already have a list, here’s how you can get started building your list today:

1. Choose a database or CRM (contact relationship management) system to manage your list.

You can use something as simple as MailChimp or as complex as Infusionsoft. The most important thing is that you put every single client, prospect, and referral source that has ever come through your practice and ever will in the future into it and “tag” each person appropriately as they are entered into the database so you can personalize communications as much as possible, even when communicating with many people at one time.

2. Load in all of your existing clients, prospects and referral sources and then focus on adding more people to your list on a weekly basis.

The single best way to generate new leads to add to your list is to get out there and speak to people who are the ideal people to use your services. Incentivize everyone who hears you speak to complete and return an information worksheet with their contact information by offering something of great value (a lead generation magnet) in exchange for attendees contact information.

3. Create a powerful lead-generation magnet to offer not only when you speak, but on the web, in the paper, and all around town.

Your lead generation magnet is something your ideal client needs and wants and will happily provide his or her contact information in exchange for – it could be a book, a report, an audio program or even a certificate for a private educational session wit you. Offer something educational that people who need your services really want and need (not simply a free consultation), and they will be more than willing to give you their names and email addresses to get it.

The best part is that your lead generation magnet, whether it’s a book, a talk, a free report, an audio, or even a private meeting with you is designed to educate your prospects and prepare them to work with you. So it really does double duty – builds you a list of prospects who will call you first and refer you to their friends and family, but also pre-educates your prospects so they are ready to say yes to working with you when it’s time for them to make a hiring decision.

How will you start building (or adding to) your house list today? Do you already have a lead generation magnet? If not, what can you create today so you can start building your house list right away?